Sliding and Folding Doors and Windows is working with Sunflex Asia products to ensure quality and long lasting life.

Sliding and Turning Doors

SUNFLEX sliding doors systems are an aluminum sliding door design that provides many alternative solutions for any project. Its tensile strength enables extra-large glass panels to slide effortlessly, maximizing glass area to provide uninterrupted views with minimal sight lines.

The slide and turn systems enhance the attractiveness of any home through the contrast of glass and wall. Their individually movable, unconnected glass panels can be opened over the entire frontage and parked as a narrow stack on the side requiring very little space.

Folding Systems

The big plus of the SUNFLEX folding sliding system is its abundance of layouts and options. With different glass thicknesses or different materials, it offers the right product for any requirement. The large-scale glazing can be opened and closed comfortably by means of the interconnected panels. A transparent all-rounder with a guarantee of quality and longevity.

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