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Design Services

We provide a wide range of residential and commercial property design services for hotels, condominiums, houses, luxury villas, resorts, retailers, bars, restaurants and offices.

Management & Consulting

Local architects will draw up plans and will take you through the entire process - from concept to construction through to interior finishings

Structural Design

Our team of structural engineers work closely with our architectural team to ensure we are providing sound, solid and safe structures alongside managing details, aesthetics, costs and constructability with an expert eye.

3D Rendering

We supply you with still images as well as a video and/or an .exe file that is a 3D rendered model of your project. Running the .exe allows you to navigate anywhere within your design and view it from any angle at any time of day. Get a true feeling of how your finished project will look. Click the image below for an example.

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Interior Design

Our passionate interior design team will guide you through the process of creating your own unique interior environment. From fundamentals such as kitchens and bathrooms, floor and wall surfaces to fabrics, artefacts and soft furnishings. We will help you create a space that will reflect your vision and cater to all your needs - whether it be for private villas or to attract guests to properties designed for the rental market.

From concept formulation, space planning, furniture layouts and budget planning and management, we will support you.

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The secret to buying furniture in Thailand is knowing where to find it. We source the best lighting, bedding, furniture, home entertainment systems, outdoor furniture, kitchen equipment, bathroom fittings and more. We can locate anything from decorations to door knobs for you from every corner of not only Thailand but across Asia.

Kitchen Design

Our kitchen design team will deliver a competitive service from conception to 3D drawings, to completion, providing your dream kitchen that is both functional and stylish. We help you optimise your space and create elegant designs to suit your lifestyle. We advise on the best materials and have access to the finest hardwood, Thai granite, imported granite and other styles and types of surfaces. Not only can we create your perfect kitchen but we can help you to equip it too with experience in importing appliances to the island, from within Thailand and internationally. We have access to a range of brands to meet all your needs and expectations.

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